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hier nun endlich die lyrics von chris pohl´s neustem werk

BlutEngel - the oxidising angel

in this dark an rainy night
he comes out of the shadows
he wants to finish what he began
a thousand years ago

he starts the engine of his machine
he puts her body on a table
he looks into her broken eyes
and he seales it with a kiss

where am i?
whats happening to me?
everything so cold...
everything so dark...
what is this pain i feel?
why does it hurt?
please no - let me die!

would you help me please

she is a creation made by evil hands
she slept in her grave for thousand years
but in this night of violent dreams
he brought her back to life angain

he created a angel just for himself
he gave her beauty, he gave her live
but she could not live without a soul
so she faded away again

would you help me please

he´s so facinated
by her pale white skin
he starts to kiss her body
all over again

they belong together
thats what he has in mind

she kills him with a kiss
forever joined in death

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